Photo Challenge


WHO’S EXCITED FOR EMPIRE OF STORMS RELEASE? *cheers and squeals* I’ve been waiting a year for this book and I’m currently debating buying a floating shelf just for my Throne of Glass books BECAUSE I HAVE NO SPACE. I just really want the book in my hands ASAP! So @pagetravels @booksthetics and I created a fun September Photo Challenge for you guys inspired by the Throne of Glass novels! So here are explanations for each prompt and remember you can interpret the prompts however you’d like to!
1. Letter to Sarah J. Maas
Okay okay with all the drama that’s been going on please be positive with this prompt! For this day you can express your feelings over the Throne of Glass novels (or ACOTAR/ACOMAF) either by hand writing a letter and taking a photo, writing it in the caption, taking a photo of a cute mailbox, really be creative! ALTERNATIVE: If you have not read any of Sarah J Maas novels you can still write a letter to one of your favorite authors!
2. Fictional Squad
ALRIGHT NOW do you ever just wish you could pull out characters from your favorite books because they’d be awesome friends? Pick characters from all kinds of books and create your own super awesome butt kicking squad! You can feature the books whose characters you chose in your photo or explain why you’d love to be best friends with certain characters in your caption!
3. Inspired by a TOG character
Have a favorite character from the series? Take a picture inspired by one or more characters in any of the Throne of Glass books. It could be a minor character, a main character… Up to you to choose! ALTERNATIVE: Create a picture inspired by your favorite character of any series!
4. Favorite line from TOG series
Choose any line/ quote you just absolutely adored and share it! You can use newspaper clippings, calligraphy, take a photo of the page, anything its really up to you! ALTERNATIVE: Choose your favorite line/ quote from any book!
5. Fire Ombré
Fire plays a HUGE role in the Throne of Glass series, so take a picture featuring an ombré of orange, reds, and yellows to represent the vivid colors of fire!
6. Treat Yo Self!
Celaena is very much known to enjoy indulgences and pamper herself in the Throne of Glass series, so for this snap a picture of what you enjoy doing to make yourself less stressed and a lot more happy! Candles? Baths? Food? Sweets?
7. Pets
In the Throne of Glass series we are introduced to the adorable Fleetfoot, so for today’s prompt show us your cute furry animals! Reptiles, mammals, fish, birds and maybe if you’re lucky they will pose nicely with your books! (Good luck with that!)
8. Book and Outfit
Celaena is well known to love dresses and everything sparkly soon show up your book and favorite outfit! I love seeing people’s styles and heck you can even show off your outfit by wearing it!
9. If you liked TOG…
What would you recommend reading after finishing the Throne of Glass series?  Or what book comes to mind when you think about TOG? So its time to recommend some books just like Dorian did with Celaena! ALTERNATIVE: If you have not read Throne of Glass try recommending books similar to your favorite novel!
10. Hide & Seek
I remember the times as a child where I’d be outside late into the night playing hide and seek with my neighbors soo inspired by the secrets that are entwined in the Throne of Glass series you get to play hide and seek but with photos! You can do this by hiding something in your photo either go out in the woods and hide an object or you can hide it the background of your photos or even in your layout! This object can be anything really like a Funko, a certain book, candle, wand, jewelry, and prop!
11. Create a bookmark
Thats it. You get to create a bookmark! Any kind of bookmark, with any design, in any form! Now you get to show the world your creation by showcasing it in a photo!
12. Badass female characters
Women rule the world and in books too! Share your favorite kickass females!
13. Room Tour
Celaena’s apartment is a location that becomes somewhat of a home base for the squad, so show us your version of it by giving a tour of your room! You can either make a short video of this or snap a photo!
14. Black Tower
Alright its time to stack those books and build a black tower inspired by the mysterious black tower in the series!
15. Meaningful Gift
What’s a meaningful gift you’ve gotten from someone? Is it a certain book you’ve wanted, a piece of jewelry you love, or a special bookish item? Just like the sheet music Sam gave to Celaena, we want to see a gift that truly meant something to you.
Remember to have fun with the prompts and you can decide whether you want to post photos every day for the first 15 days of the month or every other day or even the last 15 days of the month! I really hope you guys join us and I can’t wait to see everyone’s photos!

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