Below you will find explanations for each and every day of the challenge! You don’t have to post every single day but of course even if you wish to join halfway through the month I do hope you join us!
1. August TBR – TBR stands for to be read so you post the books you are planning to read in August
2. #alitupbookworld – Fairylights! Disco balls! Christmas lights! Seriously anything that lights up just stick in your photo πŸ˜‚
3. #BookishHeart – You make a heart either with several books in the shape of a heart or you fold the pages of a book into a heart
4. Country Pride – can be interpreted however you’d like to be creative! You can do your countries colors, books that take place in your country, show a bit of your culture, it’s up to you really.
5. Favorite Book Title/ Quote – Can also be interpreted to your own imagination! Take a photo of your favorite book title, do calligraphy, makeshift letters, it’s up to you!
6. A Character You’d Swap Lives With – Choose a character you’d like to swap lives with. Maybe they end up with your fictional crush? They live an awesome life? Kickass person?
7. Stick Your Book In A Tree – Literally go outside and stick your book in a tree.
8. Meet The Reader – It’s time to show your beautiful face to the world πŸ˜‰ You can take a selfie with your books or in your natural habitat! Basically anywhere!
9. Rainbow Spiral – It’s time to sculpt those towers of books! Basically you create a tower and you slightly angle each one differently to create a spiral.
10. Recreate A Book Cover – That’s just it you recreate a book cover, could be photoshop could be the set up, anything really! You could even draw it or make a cake it’s up to you!
11. #twirlingpages – let dem pages twirl, tips to achieve this: broken paperback spine/let the wind flip your pages around. Check out the hashtag to see examples.
12. Current obsessions – What are you currently obsessed with? A book? A soul sucking show? Fandom? Game? Food?
13. Pastels & Flowers – you can never go wrong with pretty pastels (light colored books) & flowers ( the nature things you find outside πŸ˜‚)
14. #booksthetics – you’ll put together a list of little things you think represent you and/or your account, in a similar matter to this:

you can pair that with a picture you feel really represents your aesthetic, you can make an “aesthetic” or really, anything you feel represents your aesthetic and you and your account.
15. Bookspiration – take a photo inspired by or replicating a favorite Instagrammer’s post or any photo you think is awesome and would like to try doing it yourself
16. Bookish Guilty Pleasure – What’s you guilty pleasure? Do you like dog earring your books? Breaking spines? Highlighting in your books? Only buying hardcovers? Only paperbacks?
17. Dream Bookish Candle – Create a candle scent of your own and post it in the caption for the photo you can take a photo of a candle with your books or what inspired your candle scent.
18. #coverbuys – Did you buy a book just because it is pretty? It’s okay we all get swayed by pretty covers so show off those beautiful books!
19. Bookish Playlists – Create a book playlist inspired by a book or a character or fandom or genre or anything bookish related really and post it in the caption! For the photo you can write down your playlist, maybe take a photo of the book that inspired the playlist or headphones or items that associate with the songs be creative!
20. Broken Book Spines – Broken book spines happen so take a photo of a broken book spine or even visit your local used bookstore and capture the beautiful shelves full of broken book spines. It’s honestly really satisfying xD
21. Make Me Your Villain – Who’s your favorite villain?
22. #flamingpages – that’s right BURN BOOKS BURN okay books get destroyed it happens… if you have loose pages floating around burn them! That old math book? BURN IT! if this is just a bit much you can of course use photoshop or create something or take a photo of a book near flames xD Please be careful if you do try burning an actual page or book.
23. Unconventional – Use props you don’t necessarily use with your books in the photo. Like newspaper or paper airplanes or origami or kitchen utensils! Let the items mentioned in the books inspire you. Be creative you can use anything and everything!
24. #readsleepdisney – I love Disney LOVE IT so this day is dedicated to spreading the love for all things Disney (Star Wars & Marvel definitely count) wear your ears! Show your Disney funkos! Mugs! Drawings! Disney inspired books (by that I mean retellings that possibly have a Disney movie like maybe a Beauty and Beast book or Sleeping beauty)!
25. Rearrange a Shelf – You only have to do a small section of your shelf but try to rearrange your shelf in a different way! Maybe try rainbow? Alphabetized? Height? Stacks?
26. #bookishwave – you can check out the hashtag for examples but basically you try to create the shape of a wave with books!
27. Behind The Scenes – that mess you made of your shelves while taking photos? Show it! That messy disorganized desk? Show it! The pile of books on the floor or on your bed from taking photos? Show it!
28. #flowerpowerjill – it’s time for you to venture outside your bedroom and take a photo outside! In nature of course πŸ˜‰
29. House Pride – CALLING ALL POTTERHEADS it’s time to show pride for your house! Or if you’re conflicted then your houses! If you don’t have any items with your house then you can show items in the colors of your house πŸ˜„ If you have yet to take the quiz to determine your house then go here Pottermore.com and if you haven’t read Harry Potter WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE
30. August Haul – You know all those books you’ve bought this month? Some perhaps that you shouldn’t have but just couldn’t help it? Post a photo! If you borrowed books from the library you can show those too! Of course you can also show all those new ebooks 😊
31. August Wrap Up – Post a photo of all the books you’ve read this month! If you didn’t read or didn’t finish the book entirely you can show those too!
I really do hope you participate! Also we tried to be as creative as possible for this challenge so I really hope you guys enjoy being challenged!


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