The Shelfie Book Tag

To compensate for my lack of posting (sorry about that) I’ll be doing The Shelfie Book Tag because I will find any excuse to talk about my bookshelf and this is the perfect tag for that 😉 I first saw this tag done by Celine who stumbled upon the original Shelfie Tag on youtube. Now let’s take a looksie at my bookshelf shall we?

How many shelves assigned to books do you have?


  • I currently have 3 bookshelves:a small one with two shelves, a medium with 4 shelves and a big one with 6 shelves but I only dedicate 8 shelves to books.

How do you decorate them?

  • Funko Pops, come on they are so flipping cute plus I’m not really sure where else I’d place the ones I own.
  • Christmas lights because I’m too lazy to take down the Christmas lights and go out and buy fairy lights.
  • Bookish mugs from some of my favorite shops ( Bookworm Boutique, Evie Seo)
  • Candles (it makes my books smell good :D)
  • A string of magnetic bookmarks (almost all from The Sticker Alley)
  • Really just pins, prints, sticky notes, EOS jar, little signs, inspirational quotes and really just random things that I might not have put much thought into it might just have found its place on my bookshelf.

A master burglar comes and steals five of your most prized books off your shelf, what are they?

  • My OG paperback of Harry Potter and the Order the Phoenix
  • An Ember in the Ashes because it’s signed and it’s one of my favorites
  • Clockwork Princess because it’s signed and also one of my favorites
  • Anna and The French Kiss because it’s signed and one of my favorite contemporary novels
  • Throne of Glass because it’s my favorite series






What is the biggest book on your shelf?


The Complete Shakespeare Works I honestly almost forgot I owned it. This massive book is 1174 pages long and no I have not read all the Shakespeare plays BUT I WILL eventually.

What book has sat on your shelf the longest?DSCN1464

  • Well if we are talking about when I started reading avidly I’d say The Winner’s Curse. It had just came out and with everyone reading it my thought process for this purchase was I MUST BUY IT. I totally blame bookstagram.


What is the prettiest spine on your shelf?

  • Oh this question is way too difficult to choose just one Passenger, The Love that Split the World and The Heart of Betrayal or basically my entire shelf XD

What is the most expensive book?


  • Clockwork Princess since I paid the full retail price only because I saw it was released early at the Barnes and Nobles near me and I just couldn’t leave it. Other than that I’ve rarely paid full price for books 😛

Where are your shelves?

  • In the corner of my room well sort of in the corner. I wake up to the view of my bookshelf every morning and that makes me happy on itself.


Well this is what you probably came here to see and I apologize the focus is really only on the middle of my shelf, the top shelf is mostly some middle grade or children’s novels I read when I was younger. Hope you enjoyed it maybe took some inspiration from the way I organize my shelf (really I just play Tetris to try to fit in more books 😛 )

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